Who’s Coming to 55th?

Our 55th reunion is August 25-26! The following have already signed up for the Multnomah Pub event on Saturday, August 25th. Please add your name to the list by signing up and paying.  Let’s get everyone signed up! Your name added to the list will encourage all your high school friends to follow suit. Names are alphabetical by first name at Wilson – married or changed last names are tacked on the end.

Andy Hurst + Guest Anthony Lange + Guest
Bill Jorgens Billie Jean Hemstreet (Stevens)
Bob Bamberg Brant Miller + Guest
Brenda Goudge Brent Sherfey
Brian Cone + Guest Catherine Dalziel
Cindy Troudt Schaper + Guest Connie DeBauw + Guest (Jackson)
Connie Morgan DeNault (Jackson) Craig (Matt) Briggs
Denny Burdick Diane Lewis + Guest
Diane Shimshak Dick Pearce
Don Jensen Donna Locke + Gail Locke ’69
Esther Moscow Morales + Guest Fritz Weber + Guest
Jack Blum Jackie (Leslie) Green McDowell
Jan Torheim Jan Vandenover
Jan Winkenwerder Lehmer (may miss) Janine Shaw + Guest
Jean McElligott Fryer + Guest Jim Musser
John Rayburn Karen Veltum Viater
Karl Rudnick + Guest Katy Nadal
Krista Markee Kristine Lundquist Jurgenson
Kurt Held Laura (Lori) Ross Paul + Guest
Lawrence Delay Leslie Dodge Ferris
Liz Cook Margaret Doherty
Marilyn Hirte Joyce Mary Tooze Kern + Guest
Mike Shepherd Nancy Prestwood Martin + Guest
Nancy Rollins Gantz Patrick Harrington
Patti Johnson Lachenmeier Randy (Rudy) Lachenmeier
Robert Bennett Rocco Lardiere + Guest
Sally Rudnick ’70 Sid Green (can’t make it)
Steve Anderson Susan Stewart Pantages + Guest
Tom inglesby Wendy Germain

And a number from the Class of 1968 have RSVP’d to attend the golf + no-host luncheon on Friday, Aug 25th. You can join, too! https://wilson68.org/rsvp-golf but payment and sign up is due by Aug 1st.

Dick Pearce Golf Only
Jan Torheim Harrington Golf and No-Host Lunch
Karen V Wiater Golf and No-Host Lunch
Karl Rudnick Golf and No-Host Lunch
Nancy Prestwood Martin Golf and No-Host Lunch
Randy Lachenmeier Golf and No-Host Lunch
Robert Bennett Golf and No-Host Lunch
Rocco Lardiere No-Host Lunch Only