There are approximately 400 graduates of Wilson High School Class of 1968. We wish to reach out to all of them for our Golden 50th Reunion – Class of ’68 turns 68. We are contacting everyone electronically for this reunion and we don’t have complete information on all 400. In order to fill in the missing blanks, we are categorizing the class into different subgroups:

In Memory Of – Forever in our hearts and memories

Missing – Classmates with no email, phone, street address

Missing Email – Classmates with unknown email, but phone and street address

Relative Email – Classmates with emails of close relatives, may not be receiving information

No Reply Email – Classmates with suspected good email, but haven’t yet replied

Contacted – Classmates who definitely are receiving communications

Each of these groups is organized alphabetically by their last name at Wilson. If you see someone, especially in the Missing or Relative Email categories, for which you have good contact information, please notify or direct them to this website to fill out the Contact form. Same goes for the Relative or No Reply categories. If you see yourself in either of the missing or unsure categories, please click Contact above, fill out the form and submit so that we have your correct contact information verified.