Relative Email

For the following classmates, a close relative’s email is used for reunion communication, with hope they are passing on the info. These relatives have not responded, nor are we sure the information is making it to the corresponding classmate. We have possible phone(s), and street address for these classmates. If you have a good email for any of these please email Better yet, just get a hold of them and have them go to > Contact, fill out the form and submit, so that all their information – email, phone, street address – is current and verified. Thanks for your help!

Merilee Alfstad Brian Birtley Anita Botteron Olson
James Cain Bill Carley Shirley Cassanova
Steve Clark Dave Crittenden Linda Endres
Steven Furry John Gibson Christian Gillette
Janice Goerz Beazely Dennis (Deann) Houghton Michael Killion
Walter (Bruce) McBride Kristine Nelsen Van Auken Mark Nichols
Steven Pearson Steve Peterson Howard Rahn
Sharon Roesler Raske Kim Scattarella Thomas Schendel
Paula Schneider Johnson David Schweizerhof Margo Smith
Phillip Turney Steve Vanderlinde Darrell Vaughan
Tom Whalen Curtis Young