Diane Lewis



Name in High School: Diane Lewis

Favorite High School Memories:
I enjoyed dancing with the Trojanes next to Janet Twitchell. We were the tallest people in our entire class as it seems in my memory and therefore danced in the middle of the line together.  We developed a lasting friendship.  Yearbook staff was also an activity I remember enjoying.

Due to the brain’s negative bias, I also have memories of unhappy times during my high school years.  It was difficult to enjoy being a six foot girl in 1968.  I was painfully aware that I was different.  Thankfully, society has changed since that time as have I.  When I ask tall young women now about their experience of being tall, the majority respond in a positive manner.  I have joined them in feeling positive about my height.  I may be an old woman, but I’ll never be a little old woman!

Favorite Teachers:
Mr. Horton was a favorite teacher.  He reinforced my love of reading.  It didn’t hurt that he work red stockings and played the guitar.  He must have been quite a rebel for his generation.



Spouse/Partner: Jay Pomeroy

I forgot.
Spending forty years of work in education has allowed me to have ongoing contact with children, just not my own.

My nonexistent children forgot to give me grandchildren.

School Psychologist

Favorite Pastimes:
Travel, exercise, and art are the three ingredients that have been my primary pastimes.  I spent my summer after graduating from High School with Leslie Fitch in Hawaii where we attended the University of Hawaii.  In my sophomore year of college, I attended the University of Americas in Mexico City.  That solidified my love of travel.  A career in education allowed me the time to explore parts of the world and I hope to explore more in the future.  I have friends that I met while traveling in Greece in my twenties that I continue to travel with.  I have water color painted over the years and would like to find more time to devote to painting when I fully retire.  Dragon boating, jogging, hiking, cross country skiing, kayaking and yoga have filled many hours of my life.

Highlights of My Life Since High School:

Exploring the world.

Attempting to do “right work” ( according to the Buddhist tradition ) through my work as a special education teacher and then as a school psychologist.

I love being on the water. Dragon boating has allowed me to combine my love of travel with competition and friendship.

Friends and family.  Without these connections, life would have no depth.

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Rick Krahn
Rick Krahn
5 years ago

Hi Diane, thanks for writing such a good memory page. We have a lot of interests in common and I look forward to sharing with you at the reunion. Bill Hollenbeck and I attended U of the Americas fall and winter terms ’69 – ’70.

5 years ago

I love your posting and adventures around the globe! You have added so much to the children that you counsel and it is such a critical role in these times.
See you soon at JTF🥂🍾🍻🍷

5 years ago

Isn’t it funny how we remember the really fun times,but also the times that made us who we are today.
It appears that we as women have embraced our own negatives and turned our lives into positive self worth.
Look forward to seeing you!

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