Jamia Hansen-Murray



Name in High School: Jamia Murray

Favorite High School Memories:
Troyan yearbook staff; Trojanes; dancing in “My Fair Lady”; ski bus! (and skiing); working as a class officer and on school dances; making several life-long friends.

Favorite Teachers:
Francis Murray, Mrs. Ashley, Jack Dalby, Mr. Taggert



Name: Jamia Hansen-Murray

Spouse/Partner: Chris Hansen-Murray

Children: Step-sons Scott Hansen (47) and Rusty Hansen (43)

Grandchildren: Alexander (22), Nicholas (20), and Sydney (almost 15)

Occupation: In 2006, I retired from a 32 year career with the U.S. Forest Service, where I was an environmental planner and analyst.
During all of my professional years, I kept dancing, performing with Seattle Opera, Radost Folk Ensemble (as a founding member), with a chamber Hungarian dance company, and in several community ballet ensembles (into my 40’s!). I started studying historical dance in 1999, and have been teaching, performing, and choreographing 18th C. French and Spanish Baroque dance since 2005 (in the Pacific NW and in Europe). I have a small costume design business, but am slowly wrapping that up. I still love performing and teaching!

Favorite Pastimes: Dance, travel (Europe almost every year since 1995!), working out (running, lifting weights, Pilates), cooking (a little) and eating (a lot!), gardening, and attending musical concerts — mostly early music (all my Baroque dance colleagues) and brass band, my husband’s passion.
Time with family — my brother and Chris’s boys/grandkids — is precious.

Highlights of My Life Since High School: My Forest Service career; running two marathons; marrying my best friend & the guy at the next desk in 1993; becoming close to my crazy younger brother; holding granddaughter Sydney when she was 1 hour old; dancing my choreographies in Baroque operas at Aestas Musica in Croatia; discovering how much I love teaching; unleashing creativity after retirement (!); staying close to my dearest girl friends; making close friends in Europe through music/dance; and being a member of the early music community in Seattle.

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5 years ago

You have truly had a rich and happy life. It is so exciting to see what classmates have done and the families they share. Your dressmaking skills are phenomenal!
Hope to reconnect at the reunion,

Rick Krahn
Rick Krahn
6 years ago

Jamia, I don’t recall knowing you in high school probably due to our large class and my aging brain, but it’s likely we at the least rode the ski bus together. I want to say thanks for sharing your story in the Memory Book. You’ve had an extraordinary life and you appear engaged and happy which makes me feel good. Hope to see you in September. Rick

6 years ago

Girl,I already know we’re having fun at the reunion!

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