Jan Winkenwerder Lehmer



Name in High School: Jan Winkenwerder

Favorite High School Memories: Almost all of my fondest memories are of being in senior choir, senior ensemble, orchestra and the best times were the musicals.
We had the greatest fun in rehearsals, back stage, and of course our “award winning” sold out performances.
Several friends were made and kept in my heart from those wonderful times.

Favorite Teachers: Merle Lotz



Name: Jan Winkenwerder-Lehmer

Spouse/Partner: Michael Giesemann

Children: Daughter Elizabeth Ardis 39 years old. Educator at Capital City Charter School. Married lives in the DC area. Husband works for the State Dept. Moving back to Oregon next year to their new home at the beach.
Son Adam Joseph 32 years old. Single but always looking, for what I’m not sure. Security at Nightclubs is his current venture

Grandchildren: No grandchildren, but lots of little ones always around

Occupation: Retired
Worked as a designer for Bassett,La-Z-Boy
Wholesale Buyer for Naito Corp. Import Plaza stores.

Favorite Pastimes: I still enjoy all types of music, anything on the water and being with everyone I love whenever I can, while I still can.

Highlights of My Life Since High School: My two children.
My marriage of 35 years
My first marriage to my late husband for 9 years
Living in Marin County for several years and working for Bill Graham, acquiring a really wonderful group of friends, protesting and demonstrating in hopes of attaining certain rights and goals to help our country.

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5 years ago

You have always been a breath of fresh air and continues to be! Your posts and comments are excellent and many bring us back to what is truly important in our life journey. High school is a time we were all finding ourselves and perhaps not always the friendliest to each other. But, 50 years later we have all completed a fabulous journey called life…even through the ups and downs each of us faced.
Thank you for bringing us home and back to what is truly significant.

5 years ago
Reply to  nancygantz

Thank you Nancy.
I appreciate your kind words and our new found friendship!
See you on the 14th.

6 years ago

Jan, your daughter and my youngest daughter are the same age. Isn’t it crazy that we’re old enough to have such adult children! You look very happy. I’ve been an activist for different causes over the years, so that’s something we have in common too. Thank you for putting yourself out there to stand up for women’s rights… for human rights!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lee

Lee,we aren’t really old enough to have children of this age. I’m sure it’s a mistake.
I am very happy. My life is full and there have been many exciting adventures, years of work to attain the rights that everyone deserves, and I hope much more to come.
I thought I was done protesting years ago,but I guess not!
Have a love birthday party. She’s in double digits now!

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