Jim Tarbell



Name in High School: Jim Tarbell

Favorite High School Memories: 
Three seminal experiences in high school helped move me down life’s path. The first occurred in my freshman English/Social Studies class with Bousquet and Friday when I undertook writing a report on the African struggle for independence from the oppressive Western Commercial Empire that had enslaved them and stolen all of their resources. It launched me on a lifetime of research and writing on this general topic and much to my surprise garnered 21 A+s. I have realized that my years as a cheerleader in my sophomore and senior years energized a role I play cheerleading the movement to enhance social justice in the world. Finally, my role on the yearbook staff as a senior introduced me to the world of publishing and printing that I have worked in for the past 40 years.

Favorite Teachers: 
Ms. Friday, Bruce Taggart, Susan Coffman, Robert Larsen, Tom Witty



Spouse/Partner: Judy (40 years)

Children: Beca

Grandchildren: Olive (8)
Saoirse (6)
Orla (1)

Occupation:  I worked: as a political gofer for Congressman Wendell Wyatt; an economist in the Peace Corps; a carpenter; a bilingual teacher; a printer and publisher; a writer and editor; a radio host and educator on grassroots solutions and corporate power.

Favorite Pastimes: Writing, editing, creating, politics, family, friends, researching the role of money in our lives, being Mr. Fixit, and traveling.

Highlights of My Life Since High School: 
I earned a degree in economics from the American University in Washington DC where I worked for Congressman Wyatt for four years. I received a conscientious objector status for the military and spent 2+ years in the Peace Corps in Latin America. I moved to Northern California where I met my lovely wife and have lived ever since.  We ran a printing and publishing business for twenty years. I co-founded and co-hosted the radio program Corporations and Democracy. I edit the publication Justice Rising: Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Power for the Alliance for Democracy and have been teaching courses on Grassroots Solutions and Corporate Power, and Creating an Economy for the Common Good under the Grassroots Institute at www.grassroots-institute.org. I am also the main staff person for a small foundation and have written two books.

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Rick Krahn
Rick Krahn
5 years ago

Way to go Jim. I look forward to visiting with you at the reunion.

5 years ago

What a wonderful life you have had! And the contributions toward “common good” are so commendable. Your journey has been one that will leave a lasting imprint for our class!
I look forward to seeing you at the reunion in September.

5 years ago

First off,let me just say that your grandchildren have the most beautiful names.
Secondly, I’m glad to see that you’ve done nothing with your life since high school.
Hope to see you in September.

Jim Tarbell
Jim Tarbell
5 years ago
Reply to  Jan

Hi Jan
I always say that I am just trying to figure out what I am going to do when i grow up. But you never know, film maker? impact investing advisor? It is a big world.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jim Tarbell

I’ve had a blast being able to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in 50 years. If the reunion committee can remember what we planned and manage to make it work it will be a really fun time.
Someday when I grow up I want to be Jennifer Lopez.

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