Krista Markee McKillip



Name in High School: Krista Markee

Favorite High School Memories: It happened at an after school basketball game.  I was on JV Rally with Jane McKIllip when her brother Ron came to the side lines.  He told us their mom was in the hospital having her baby.  He was there to pick Jane up, but I wanted to go, too.  I witnessed the youngest human being I’d ever seen on that day.  Little did I know that Jane’s brother would later become my husband and that little bundle of joy would turn out to be my sister-in-law, Molly, along with Jane my lifelong friend.

Favorite Teachers: Troy Horton, Enny Schultz, Mr. Slick



Name: Krista McKillip

Spouse/Partner: Ron McKillip

Children: No children, but wonderful nieces and nephews

Grandchildren: No grandchildren, but wonderful grand nephews and grand nieces

Occupation: Middle school teacher and high school teacher

Favorite Pastimes: Taking third graders on downtown walking tours, knitting, playing mah jong, taking Pilates and water fitness classes.

Highlights of My Life Since High School: Life with Ron, a thirty year teaching carreer in Parkrose, traveling with my mom, Margy, our dog Mak and having such wonderful friends to share in life’s many experiences.

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5 years ago

Well, neighbor did you ever think that 50 years would come so quickly?! It still seems like yesterday we were leaving to head up the hill to WWHS.
You have had a full life and a wonderful teaching career. I applaud you, Krista!

Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson
6 years ago

Hi Krista,
I am sitting in the airport in Washington DC, returning from a national math competition for middle school kids. (Called MathCounts) It has been so much fun!

I had to think of you. I think middle school kids are the most fun. And inquisitive, impressionable and intelligent. Oregon came in 15th out of 55 teams, which is not bad but not as good as we normally do.

Looking forward to seeing you in September! I want to hear all about your teaching days.

6 years ago
Reply to  Steve Anderson

Hi Steve,
Yes, I loved middle schoolers. Congratulations on placing 15th. I think that is very commendable. I taught lang arts, social studies studies and reading. I was amazed at their levels of understanding and abilities. I’d love to compare notes with you in September. Really looking forward to it.

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