Kathy Endsley Janda



Name in High School: Kathy Endsley

Favorite High School Memories:
I had such a blast in HS meeting so many others and hanging out with my besties from grade school. I really enjoyed Home Ec – do they even teach that anymore?- joining the Pep club and screaming my lungs out at the Wilson football 🏈 games! The teachers were great – can’t really remember their names! I also learned so much working in the student store too! Ahh those were the days !



Name: Kathy Janda

Spouse/Partner: Mike Janda

Children: Melissa – 42 yrs lives in Wilsonville
Michele -38 yrs lives in Reno  Nevada
Melanie – 36 yrs lives in Reno Nevada

Grandchildren: Melissa has two girls Lilly 8  Genevieve 5
Michele has 3 boys. Paul 18 Caleb 15 Hunter 9
Melanie has 3 kids Savannah 7 Twins Gabriel n Liam 3

Occupation: Retired RN after 46 years in a very rewarding career – Associate degree from Shoreline Community College then BS in Nursing from Seattle Pacific University
I worked 9 years at Harborview Hospital then took some time off for the kiddos then worked at Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue Wa until my retirement in February 2017.

Favorite Pastimes: Hiking and camping
Cross stitch
Square Dancing

Highlights of My Life Since High School: 
Raising my daughters to be happy responsible adults – Melissa is an Interior Designer from OSU Both Michele and Melanie are RNs – so I guess my scary nurse stories at the dinner table didn’t deter them from achieving their goals too

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5 years ago

So great to be able to spend time chatting at the reunion! I just read your memory page and didn’t realize you went into nursing! I have many friends at Harborview and Overlake…we could have talked for another hour! And I commend you on the fact that you have two daughters that went into nursing!
See you at our next reunion and blessings for the happy marriage you obviously have…

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